How to lock lips on the second date

How to lock lips on the second date

So, you worked on date 1; she was so much fun; she surprised you by not calling right away; she was looking forward to the second date. As you can see, it gives you more liking and excitement about kissing on date 2.

Date 2 should reflect Date 1 on how you work, but now you have established yourself as someone who can have fun with her. She is available because she is leaving everyone (so far).

What did the “rejected” people do?

They tried so hard to call, wanted to touch her, told her how much they loved her, gave them so many compliments, wanted to accept in the first three weeks of the Dating they met, told her how much they had lost their ex. Girlfriend, she sent flowers and especially pests themselves.

You pull her out of the chair, smile at her, and you are the gentle person who surprises her with what you do between dates. Believe it or not, you are not with her every night. You play online video games even when you are not at home; she thinks you have 5-6 other women. Box for your love. Well, if you are not in her face, she will call you and give you presents.

Women think you have to put other women in the ring to get yourself. I do not know why, but it is! So, on the second Dating, you have fun, make her smile, keep your hands to yourself and end the date 2-3 hours later, like date 1. 

Things to Remember!

Just like on date one, you walk in the door you look like a gentleman, tell her you enjoyed it, and then go for a kiss. If she gives it back, you have got a reasonable date for three candidates. If she turns her head or goes backward, you must remove her number!

Also, you are the first person to withdraw a kiss! Do not hide and do not kiss until the sun rises. Everyone else does it. Boys are trying to make women sprint in Dating. You know it’s a marathon; you have to make it at the end of each date. Remember that she will be with you next time and will be excited about it.

Guys, remember if you are thinking about locking your lips on a second date, start by saying that it begins with the strategy you need to use from the date!

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