What men expect in a relationship?

What men expect in a relationship

Here are some simple things that men expect from a relationship. He might be embarrassed or unaware to tell the person whom he is dating. But if you understand his needs then it will make your relationship stronger and healthier too.

  1. he expects you to be happy: after several years of marriage, men want their women to be happy. Your happiness is an indication of their worth and effectiveness. If you are not happy then he will be restless.
  2. He expects that you will be interested in his interests: if you are interested in things that he is passionate about then he will surely love you. This can be his loved sports team or any hobby or his work. This will improve the relationship between both of you.
  3. He loves if you initiate sex: for men, sex leads to an emotional connection that is quite deep. It is the best way to receive and express love. By initiating sex, you can make him feel as if you want him, not just for sex but because of your deep love for him.
  4. You should acknowledge and praise him: men want to praise in a relationship. This is an indication that you love him as your man.
  5. He loves it when you encourage him for an adventure: men often believe that women need more time with them as compared to the amount of time a man expects with his partner. They also feel that if they ask for any personal time away then you will be hurt emotionally. But that is not completely true. Everyone needs some sort of independence and personal time. So, you can encourage him to spend some time with his friends or do some adventure activities. By giving this type of freedom you bring in a desire within him to spend more time with you.
  6. He wants you to have confidence in him: you should show him that you are confident about his decisions, his support, and love. You can give him any task and then you can see him complete that in the way that he likes. If you criticize him then it seems that you do not trust him at all. Let him work on his own and show your faith in him.
  7. He wants you to respect him: respect is the main element of any relation and you should not ignore it.

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