How often you should meet with your partner?

How often you should meet with your partner

Infatuation is a common part of dating and many people turn out to be quite possessive or jealous in this phase. One needs to give time to relationships, but it is important to keep this time defined so that you do not mess up other relations or your work. You should consider your goals, personal needs, work schedules, and other commitments too even while dating.

If you are at an early stage of your relationship, then for you less time is more. This is because initially the sexual attraction and emotions would be high. This is because of hormonal changes too that would lead to intense attraction with your partner and you would feel to spend the maximum time with the person that you are dating. This is quite dangerous as you might seem to be obsessed with the other person and might try to invade their personal space too.

You should ignore your feelings at this time and go on with the relationship. By going on slowly you can analyze things and the person whom you are meeting. Make sure to avoid the desire within you and make sure that there is understanding, respect, care also in your relationship and it is not only limited to an attraction. If you spend less time with the person in the initial days, then he will grow fonder of you and your attraction will be stronger.

If you have been in the relationship for around 1-3 months:

You should meet up once a week or in a fortnight. When you meet, make sure that it is memorable and special. Be prepared with the correct questions that you want to know about your partner. Try to understand their lifestyle and try to be honest as much as possible.

If you have been seeing each other for around 3-6 months:

At this time, you can meet up once or twice a week. This will let you understand the level of compatibility that you have. At this stage, you can decide whether you want to have this person in your life further or not.

If you have been dating for 6-12 months:

You can opt for a mid-week visit or meeting on weekends. This depends on your schedules and the quality of the relationship.

If you are in relation for more than a year, you would understand each other in a better way to plan your schedule and needs.

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