A refinancing loan enables us to swap a previous loan with a high interest rate for a new one with a lower one.

In Poland, the viewer about finances has recently increased considerably, the effect of which is the growing popularity of refinancing loans.

Refinancing allows you to minimize the cost of loans

Refinancing allows you to minimize the cost of loans

However, it is worth paying attention to the concept of consolidation: a consolidation loan combines several loans into one, which we can repay on new, more favorable terms, while the refinancing loan relates to the repayment of only one previously incurred commitment.

Whenever there are significant changes in the market for lending. Of course, we are talking about changes in favor of the borrower.

When should you think about refinancing?

When should you think about refinancing?

Credit refinancing should also be considered when financial problems arise if difficulties arise in paying off installments under current conditions. In this situation, the refinancing loan may allow us to extend the loan repayment period, thanks to which our monthly installment will be lower.

However, it should also be remembered that extending the loan period always, in the final settlement, increases the cost of the loan.

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