Are you looking to renovate your house, but the money is too short? Have you considered taking out a payroll loan for retirement? If your answer was no, in this article you will find out how this great alternative works!

Unfortunately, we do not always have the money to calmly pay for the renovations we want to make at home. Many times, we end up getting used to the house the way it is or simply getting into debt and compromising the entire budget.

So know now why use deductible payroll loans to make the retirement you want so much!

Advantages Of Using Payroll Loan To Renovate A Property

Advantages Of Using Payroll Loan To Renovate A Property

Lower interest

Credit card interest is the highest in the market. In addition, the revolving credit card can easily become a snowball and lead to three, five times the debt.

Real estate financing offers interest rates between 5% per month and 27% per year (well above the interest rates charged on the payroll loan).

Better spending control

Better spending control

As the payroll loan installments are fixed, there are no surprises at the end of the month. No additional interest, late payment interest or revolving credit.

Thus, the property reform can be done without worry. The same goes for urgent reform. Knowing how much will be spent, you can control spending and avoid overindebtedness.

Longer term for loan repayment

Withdrawals and Pensioners can repay the loan within 72 months. Public Servants within 96 months.

As in the case of payroll loans, the amount of the installments is discounted directly from the benefit or the check, there is no risk of default.

Anyway, the retirement loan, when well planned, is the best option to consider when you want to move your entire home!

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